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Love In Bloom (2021)

> 1hr 27m 
> Romance

> Sales - Pivot Pictures (ANZ)

> Sales - Nicely Entertainment (world)
> Writer: Samantha Benjamin

> Director: Rogue Rubin 

> Principal Cast: Susie Abromeit, Julian Haig

The beautiful romance LOVE IN BLOOM was filmed entirely on location in Brisbane, Queensland.


Life isn’t going the way celebrated Chicagoan florist Amelia Hart expected it to. Not only has a popular critic claimed she’s losing her touch, but instead of proposing, boyfriend Peter uses their five-year anniversary dinner to announce he won’t be attending her sister’s wedding in Australia with her.

Disappointed, Amelia decides to travel to the wedding destination of Primrose River, Australia early, only to find out the bride-and groom-to-be are marooned on a Tasmanian mountain retreat. Until they can get home, it’s up to Amelia and the Best Man (and local vet), Grayson Tanner, to step in and save the wedding.

Though the pair initially struggle to see eye to eye as they pick a wedding cake and reception band, Grayson soon helps Amelia realise that her life in Chicago isn’t as ideal as she once thought. The longer she spends with Grayson, and with the stunning gardens of the wedding venue as her inspiration, Amelia searches for new meaning in her life, as well as what it means to truly be in love.

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